Track walks, discover dogs, parks around you, and socialize.

Discover Dogs in your area now! Invite friends for a shared experience. 

App Features

Track your walks

Keep track of your dog walks on a map, including how long you walked and how far, so you can see how you're getting better over time.

Discover dogs and parks

Discover dogs in your area and filter them by age, gender, breed, weight and more! See the dog parks and no dog zones on an interactive map!

Start a conversation together

The built in chat lets you start a conversation. Decide if you your dogs are compatible and go for a walk!

Create profiles for your dogs

Create a profile for your furry family member for the other dog owners to see. Upload a photo, write a description.

Why Furry Walking?

Meet the dogs you choose

It often happens that the dogs your furry pet meets, have different ways of playing. Pick the dog based on attributes the dog owners lists about their dog in the profile.

Agree on a meeting point

Do you have a favourite location where you go for a walk and you don't want to be alone the next time? Invite someone to go for a walk with you and let the dogs play together.

Be seen

Make it easier for the others to find you on a map when you go out for a walk with your dog and let them join you!

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Furry walking for the win!

There are a lot of dogs walking on the streets, parks and other locations. Dogs of different breed, age, size, character and owner. Are you tired of always going to the same location to walk your dog? Would you like to let your dog play with new dogs that you could hand pick upfront? Say no more, we are building just the right platform for you! Furry Walking enables you to search for dogs nearby, filter by age, size, breed, gender, and more. Create a dog profile and be seen as well. Chat with other dog owners and meet up to let your furry companions have some fun!

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